K-Rend Cleaning

Screenshot_2015-09-24-17-11-55-1-1-1 K-Rend Cleaning

Many modern domestic and commercial buildings are now finished on the exterior with K-Rend. K-Rend external renders are designed to give a durable weatherproof coating and a natural, low maintenance finish.

K-Rend themselves recommend that where general staining occurs, it is advised that cleaning K-Rend is done with care using specialist detergent, and a warm soft wash to ensure that the render surface is not damaged during the cleaning procedure.

K-Rend also recommend that an annual coat of fungicidal wash is applied to prevent algae growing, specifically on weather prevailing facades, which can be even more prone to algae by remaining wet for longer periods.

K-Rend Cleaning

Ecowash are specialists in cleaning k-rend, with both our specialist equipment and knowledge of eco-friendly cleaning products we are able to clean and prevent algae regrowth (following k-rends guidance) on all k-rend surfaces ensuring that the render is maintained in good condition will prevent moisture from penetrating the render and causing damage.

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