Until recently ecowash has fround upon using chemicals to aid us with our work based on the fact that they simply aren’t eco-friendly. But realistically speaking neither is using 21lmp (litres per minute) of water and burning fuel all day.

Softwashing uses far less water along with burning far less fuel. Used correctly and with the environment in main focus we are able to chemically clean many surfaces. Although not all surfaces can be cleaned using this method, we are able to clean some surfaces that can’t be pressure washed.

Softwashing Process

1. Wet area to be cleaned

2. Apply Softwash

3. Adjutate surface

4. Allow time

Recent Softwashing Projects

picsart_04-28-055745804937646245780 Softwashing

picsart_04-28-052656140965307031819 Softwashing

fb_img_15242472167896078324158901914863 Softwashing

fb_img_15242471836706905031916322005870 Softwashing

For more information on our Softwashing service or any other service follow this link.

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