We’re back in business!!

We're back

We are back in business!!

It seems so long ago now, since we had to close our business due to COVID-19 outbreak. It was a hard decision to make although there wasn’t any other options available at this time. As the weeks have passed by I have been thinking long and hard about when and how to start trading again.

With child care still remaining a great issue, due to my children still being off school without any further information on when their year groups will be returning. I have had to come to the decision of returning to work although greatly reducing my working hours and services available until further notice. This being said I will be focusing on delivering our core domestic and commercial services.

Tomorrow I will be sitting down to organise how this is going to happen, along with developing a Covid-19 policy for ecowash that will set out our response to government guidance.

My priority for now will be work that was unscheduled from closing of business. Once these jobs have been completed, I will aim to get to all our window cleaning customers that am sure most will be happy to see me (I hope anyways).

For all those customers listed above, I aim to be in contact at some point this week to discuss possible dates and arrangements.

Many thanks


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