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Specialist External Cleaning Services Wirral

Specialist External Cleaning Services Wirral

Recently we were asked to provide a quote for one of our specialist external cleaning services to remove dried gloss paint off a block paving driveway in Wirral.

After viewing the spillage of gloss paint it was apparent that if the paint was removed, then the remainder of the drive would also need to be cleaned and with it being block paving it would also need to be resanded.

The customer was happy with the quote provided and we set a date.

BeforeGloss paint removal

Ecowash are able to provide a wide range of specialist external cleaning services, mainly due to our knowledge of the different types of eco-friendly cleaning products availible. Resulting in us being more than confident that we would be able to remove most if not all of the paint spillage.

We applyed the product that we felt would work best on gloss paint.

DuringGloss Paint Removal during

Due to the thickness of the spillage and the drying time of the product, we left for over an hour before applying another coat of the product to then return the next day.

We returned the nextday and scrapped up the lifted paint that had been removed off the block paving.

AfterGloss Paint Removal after

Followed by our driveway cleaning and resanding services, both us and the customer were happy with the end results.

If you have any issues that you feel our specialist external cleaning sevices may be able to help with please get intouch.

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