Christmas Giveaway Competition

Christmas Giveaway Competition

Christmas Giveaway Competition

🎄🎁  Christmas Giveaway Competition 2023 🎁🎄

The Ecowash Exterior Cleaning Team are feeling festive this year.

So much so we have decided to run a Christmas Giveaway Competition.

Throughout the month of December we will be leaving clean imprints of our logo on the pavements in most if not all towns / villages located within the borough of Wirral and surrounding areas that we cover. Using an eco-friendly advertising method called reverse graffiti.

Simply take a photo of our imprinted logo, post on either Facebook or Instagram ensuring to tag us into the post along with adding it’s location and we will enter you you into our Christmas Giveaway Competition 🎁.

Only one entry per location, if you spot another imprint in a different location this will be classed as an entry. The more imprints spotted and posted the greater chance of winning this amazing competition.

We will be giving away 1 free days worth of domestic exterior cleaning services of the winners choice.

Giveaway Services Including:
• Driveway / Patio / Decking Cleaning.
• Roof / Gutter / K-rend Cleaning.
• Window / UPVC / Conservatory Cleaning.
• Paths / Walls / Walkway Cleaning.

Competition starts on the 1st December 2023 until 31st December 2023. Entries before or after these dates won’t be entered!!

The winner will be picked at random from the entries on the 31st December.

Happy logo hunting!! 🎁🎄🧑‍🎄

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Chem Mix Pro


The story behind the Chem Mix Pro….

The Chem Mix Pro came about after our business owner Ian decided we needed a dedicated softwashing system. In true Ian style this system had to be “Ian proof”. 

On his quest for a dedicated softwash system he discovered that most if not all chemical mixing proportioners available are all made of polypropylene (plastic). Reading others comments regarding the plastic valves and a common issue is that these valves split and split easily…. 

Taking in to consideration that most if not all our equipment is heavy duty, Ian therefore desired a proportioner that needed to be as heavy duty as the rest of our equipment to survive any true length of time. 

The cost also was also a factor as the cheapest proportioner available to purchase was £275. This was enough to start Ian off buying different valves and experimenting on how he could create this heavy duty chemical mixing proportioner to be the heart of his softwash system. 

After a few different attempts with various fittings and valves, Ian settled on the idea of an all stainless steel, chemical resistant “Ian proof” proportioner. Ian claiming this to be “The greatest softwash chemical mixing proportioner on the planet”.

Based on his claims, Ian decided that this could be a product he could produce and even sell based on the alternative being a mass of expensive plastic fittings. 

Testing the proportioner on various softwashing services we carried out in spring/summer 2022, gave Ian the opportunity to really put this proportioner to the test and see if it was suitable for purpose and did it stand up to his claims.

His discovery was that this really is suitable for the purpose of softwashing and that it does stand up to his claims of being “The greatest softwash chemical mixing proportioner on the planet”. Based on its accuracy, mixing ability, robustness and simplicity. 

The only negative that could be identified was that this proportioner was limited to only mixing SH (sodium hypocloride), Surfactant (soap) & H20 (water). 

Ian discovered that this system would also be ideal for other softwash applications, for example: cladding cleaning, static & touring caravan cleaning etc.  

Tasks that require lower pressure than that of a pressure washer but with the same or even higher volumes of water in litres per minute.

Ian discussed his thoughts, ideas and plans to spend a considerable amount of ecowash’s 2022 profits and the quieter winter months carrying out a custom softwash trailer build (another winter youtube custom trailer build in the pipeline!!).

Still not forgetting the original Chemical Mixing Proportioner and its claims to be; “The greatest softwash chemical mixing proportioner on the planet”. Ian came up with the name for this without too much difficulty and called it the “Chem Mix Pro”.

After deciding on its name he purchased the domain, created a logo and spent even more money in producing the first batch of stock of 3×1 chemical mixing proportioners to be available for sale late 2022 – early 2023.

Currently we have the stock of proportioners completed and are now waiting on the first stock batch of metered mounting brackets to reach us to compliment and complete the proportioner ready for sale and distribution. 

Please follow our proportioner on social media, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube @chemmixpro or to pre-order your proportioner visit our website:

Meanwhile Ian will continue with the custom softwash trailer build and show his progress on both the @ecowashexteriorcleaning and @chemmixpro YouTube channels. 

Ecowash Exterior Cleaning Services

Ecowash Exterior Cleaning Services

It’s been a while since we last posted any updates directly to our website. We aim to start updating our news feed with all our goings on.

We have recently been working Towards building our brand with updates to our website, social media and YouTube channel. Please take the time to like our social pages and subscribe to our youtube channel.

Visit our youtube channel

Additionally we have made a great number of changes to ecowash over the last year or so. We have created another domain name: that is currently being directed to this website whilst developing our new website.

We have rebuilt our trailer system with a custom designed Hot & Cold, High and Low Pressure System, enabling us to use steam to assist with different aspects of the work we carry out.

We have purchased another vehicle and installed an industrial van mounted custom built system, enabling us to carry out all aspects of our work. Equipped with all we need to carry out any job, safely, effectively and efficiently.

Our uniforms have also now changed from black high visibility to yellow high visibility, this is for a number of reasons, firstly yellow doesn’t attract the sun the same as black so hot sunny days are more bearable. Secondly we are now carrying out more commercial work in either public places or industrial premises where this is required for H&S.

Our business advertising strategies are also being addressed and below is an example of the information what can be found on our advertising, social media posts etc.

○ Roof Cleaning
○ Solar Panel Cleaning
○ Gutter, Fascia, Sofit Cleaning
○ Wall, K-rend, Dash Cleaning
○ Window Cleaning
○ Driveway, Patio, Deck Cleaning
○ Conservatory Cleaning
○ Caravan Cleaning
○ Building, Carpark, Loading Area Cleaning
○ Specialist Heritage Cleaning
○ Steam, Doff Cleaning
○ Chewing Gum Removal
○ Graffiti Removal
○ Plant, Agricultural Cleaning

○ UKs leading eco-friendly exterior cleaning company ✅️
○ Extensive portfolio of work ✅️
○ Long established business ✅
○ Latest industrial machinery ✅
○ Hot & Cold, High & Low Pressure Systems ✅
○ Professional, experienced & trained staff ✅
○ Fully Insured ✅
○ Environment Agency licenced ✅
○ HSE compliant ✅
○ Site specific risk assessment and method statements ✅
○ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Reviews ✅️

☎️ 0151 559 0668
📱 0777 229 8591


We look forward to bringing you more news updates here on our website. Thanks for taking the time to read.

We’re back in business!!

We're back

We are back in business!!

It seems so long ago now, since we had to close our business due to COVID-19 outbreak. It was a hard decision to make although there wasn’t any other options available at this time. As the weeks have passed by I have been thinking long and hard about when and how to start trading again.

With child care still remaining a great issue, due to my children still being off school without any further information on when their year groups will be returning. I have had to come to the decision of returning to work although greatly reducing my working hours and services available until further notice. This being said I will be focusing on delivering our core domestic and commercial services.

Tomorrow I will be sitting down to organise how this is going to happen, along with developing a Covid-19 policy for ecowash that will set out our response to government guidance.

My priority for now will be work that was unscheduled from closing of business. Once these jobs have been completed, I will aim to get to all our window cleaning customers that am sure most will be happy to see me (I hope anyways).

For all those customers listed above, I aim to be in contact at some point this week to discuss possible dates and arrangements.

Many thanks


CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) – ecowash update

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) – ecowash update

Regrettably I am having to write a news update with regards to the outbreak of CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19).

As a husband, father of young children and a son of elderly parents. I am personally wanting to ensure that my family remain well.

This being said,Over coming months, our only sanctuary will be our homes and gardens. Therefore I have made the decision to carry on trading as normal until advised to do otherwise.

I have also suspend our pay increase that was scheduled for April 2020. This decision has been made to ensure that ecowash survives this crisis and can continue to provide you with our services at the same affordable prices as previous years.



For me to ensure that I can continue to provide our current services along with adding additional sanitation services. I am unfortunately going to have to enforce a no contact policy.

Although all our work is external, please don’t be offended if we keep our distance. These measures have been put in place as we visit many different properties per day. This will enable us to help ensure you our customers along with the greater community stay as protected.



To prevent us from becoming a cause of transmission for this virus, until further notice all payments will need to be made online. All that is required for making online payments is internet access and an email address for us to send an online invoice. Payments can be made using PayPal, debit/credit cards, Bacs, Barclays pingit.



While the advice is to stay away from others, If I experience symptoms I will be following guidance and isolating for the current recommend time period.



Due to the nature of our business we have extensive knowledge and experience in cleaning. That combined with the latest information available from our government we are able to offer external sanitation to most hard surfaces.

Although the information is currently very limited with regards to what will kill this virus, our research on softwashing solutions provides us with confidence that if required these solutions can kill all known biology!!



Many of our customers may fall into the at risk group of society. We understand the restrictions that have been imposed on over 70s and those with ill health. Therefore if we can offer any additional support to our customers while adhering to our contactless policy please don’t hesitate to ask.

I personally hope we can all stay safe and well, and you can continue to use our services through this difficult period.

Many Thanks

Ian Fisher – ecowash director

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