Fence & Shed Treatment Wirral, Liverpool, Chester

Our fence & shed treatment service is one of our finishing services.

We strongly recommend this service if you have your fencing or shed cleaned.

Once the fence has dryed we can retrun and treat the surface with our superior eco-friendly wax-oil leaving outstanding results to your fence or shed, below are some of the benifits and features of this treatment:

  • Solvent free
  • Odourless
  • Non-toxic
  • Super beading
  • For Exterior decking, wooden garden furniture, fences, pergolas, sheds, trellises, tubs, planters etc.
  • For most planed or rough-sawn wood. (Not suited to teak or similar oily woods)
  • Great for badly-deteriorated & weathered wood.

For more information on this service or for a free quote please complete our form or contact us by calling: 07772298591 or send us an email to: info@ecopressurewashing.co.uk

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