Tarmac Restoration Wirral, Liverpool, Chester

Our tarmac restoration service is one of our finishing services and can bring any tarmac surface back to life.

We strongly recommend that you have your tarmac surface restored after it has been cleaned.

Below are some of the benefits and features of this product:

  • Dramatically enhances the aesthetics of any existing Tarmac surface.
  • Is a cost effective solution.
  • Water based, environmentally friendly product.
  • Will make unsightly Tarmac reinstatement’s less noticeable.
  • Will provide a uniform colored surface.
  • Can be easily re-coated at any time.
  • Ideal to hide unsightly cement stains or marks after building works.
  • The treated surface is easier to clean.
  • Increases the life span of the Tarmac.
  • Waterproofs and protects Tarmac areas.
  • Is low odor.
  • Resists oil, grease and dirt stains.
  • Resists fungicidal and algae growth.
  • Re-colour your Tarmac with black, red or green Tarmac coating.

For more information on this service or for a free quote please complete our form or contact us by calling: 07772298591 or send us an email to: info@ecopressurewashing.co.uk

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