Patio Cleaning Wirral, Liverpool, Chester

Over time nature takes over the look of all patio surfaces.  With the growth of weeds, moss, algae, lichens, black and white spot.

Your patio can become not only unsightly and unsafe but these types of growth can damage the surface over time. 

Ecowash provide professional patio cleaning services in and around the Wirral, Liverpool and Chester areas.

We provide patio cleaning services for all different patio types including indian sandstone, york stone, slate, concrete/clay block paving, imprinted concrete, tarmac/asphalt, concrete paving, resin bonded etc.

The best method of cleaning depends on a number of factors.

Most importantly is the type of surface because pressure washing can easily cause damage to some types of patio surface if not used correctly. 

Another factor is the type and amount of growth present on the surface.

This is because water alone can’t always remove all stains that may be present on the surface and therefore on some surfaces, treatments can be applied to aid the cleaning process and reduce the amount of water used.

Types of patio surfaces cleaned:

Indian Sandstone

York Stone


Block Paving

Imprinted Concrete


Concrete Paving

Poured Concrete

Resin Bonded 


As we all know first impressions matter to many of us. Your driveway is what people see before they see your home.

This being said, most of us don’t sit and enjoy our clean driveways although a clean looking driveway isn’t such a bad thing.

Our patios on the other hand are a place where we sit, relax and enjoy our outside space.

Therefore having a clean fresh patio is something that can make our time in these outdoor spaces more enjoyable. 

Equipped with our extensive knowledge and experience in cleaning all different patio surfaces.

Along with using the most eco-friendly, state of the art machinery and equipment we are able to return your patio to what it previously was.

By cleaning your patio you can improve the overall look of your property and grounds.

This could help to increase the value of your property if you are planning on putting the property on the market. 

We also provide a wide range of driveway re-jointing, re-sealing and restoration services to replace and repair any damage caused to the patio surface by weathering and organic growth. 

For more information on our patio cleaning service visit our patio cleaning specific website

For more information on any of our other external cleaning service please call 0151 559 0668 to request a free no obligation quote. 

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