Window Cleaning Services – Wirral, Liverpool, Chester


Ecowash provide a wide range of domestic and commercial window cleaning services in and around the Wirral, Liverpool and Chester areas.

Window Cleaning

Pure water window cleaning, using telescopic water fed pole and brush. We favour using this method of cleaning for verious reasons.

A main reason is this is the only true eco-friendly way to wash a window / glass.

Using this method we are also able to reach windows that may of not been cleaned for may years. As these windows have been previously inaccessible to a traditional window cleaner.

Pure water window cleaning has become very popular over recent years. We produce our own pure water (eco-pure-water) and it starts off as begin rain water that we harvest for the purpose of purification as apposed to purifying tap water.

UPVC Cleaning

We firstly clean UPVC by applying an eco-friendly citrus solvent.

Once we have applied the solvent solution to your UPVC surfaces, we wait for a short while before agitating with a water fed window cleaning pole and brush and washing down all surfaces leaving them looking like their former selves.

Conservatory Cleaning

Our conservatory cleaning service can be for a whole one off conservatory clean, including UPVC and roof cleaning. It may be that you just want your conservatory windows cleaning regular with your house windows or your conservatory roof and gutters.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Dirty solar panel can considrably reduce the amount of energy producted.

Dirt on a solar panel acts to reflect the light as aposed to a clean solar panel that attracts the light.

Fascias, Soffits and Gutter Cleaning

Fascia, soffit and gutter cleaning can be as part of a UPVC clean. Or your gutters could be full of fallen leaves and other debris.

K-Rend Cleaning

Cleaning K-Rend comes under our window cleaning services as a result of us using water fed window cleaning poles and brushes as apposssed to pressure washing the surface that penitrates water through the surface causing moisture to form and in cold weather this can cause serious damage to the k-rend.

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